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Standing Seam Metal Roofing (SSMR)
Metal tile / shingle
Custom fabrication

If it's a re-roof or new construction, we do it all.

Any existing slope roof (shingle, tile, wood shake) can be replaced with metal roof.

PROS of metal roof:

      - last longest

      - lightweight

      - super strong

      - a lot of variety of colors


      - price (more expensive than other roof covering)

      - may require additional work on decking ( need flat surface)

Depends where you live, Standing seam roof might not be an option for you - due to HOA or City requirements.

We have an option for You to meet HOA requirements and still be able to install metal roof.

Metal shingles/ tiles comes in variety of colors, shapes and finishes (like stone coated or painted).

They can be installed directly to the decking over underlayment or using the wood battens.

Looking for unique and custom metal product?

Look no further.

With our state of art machinery and experienced fabricators if you can draw it, we can make it.

Everything from customized roofing vents all the way to art.

We are one stop metal shop.


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